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Webinar: Forecastability Analysis - Drive Peak Supply Chain Performance


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Date: February 19, 2015 

Time: Time: 2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST) or 2:00 pm GMT (9:00 am EST)

With thousands of products, a distribution network, and multiple suppliers or manufacturing facilities, many businesses struggle to keep supply chain costs down while improving customer service. Developing and maintaining an effective demand planning process is crucial to efficiently balance these tradeoffs and maximize staff productivity, but a typical business has far too many items to dedicate attention to each one.

Forecastability Analysis is an approach that drives peak performance through the supply chain by evaluating your product set through strategic segmentation and focusing your efforts on the most valuable targets for improvement. The result is actionable intelligence to drive profitable policies for inventory management and manufacturing, while maximizing staff productivity.

This webinar will walk through John Galt's forecastability analysis methodology and explain how you can begin with forecastability analysis today:

  • What is forecastability analysis
  • The dramatic effects forecastability analysis can have on your business
  • The forecastability analysis process and outputs
  • Tools to enable routine & effective forecastability analysis
  • Next steps to begin your own analysis


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