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Rough Cut Planning is Simpler & Better with S&OP - Feat. Bob Stahl

Took Place: February 11, 2016

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In this increasingly complex and uncertain world, making the tools we use simple yet effective is an imperative. Fortunately, that’s just what’s happening with S&OP, when done properly.

S&OP requires a Market-Facing family VOLUME projection that is reasoned, reasonable, credible and transparent – understanding fully there will be inevitable intrinsic variability. Then, through Simplifying Assumptions about MIX, S&OP translates that projection into Rough Cut Resource Planning. Due to this simplicity, what-if and simulation analysis can be done in real time, during a meeting or discussion. This is a real boon to achieving a collegial, cross-functional, collaborative consensus about balancing demand and supply.

Thanks to our Lean Thinking folks, often times this all the planning that is needed to allow the short-term schedules and requirements to be executed routinely. In other words, it does the proper prior planning to prevent poor performance in scheduling.

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