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Sonoma State University

February 02, 2015

Sonoma State University occupies 269 acres in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, in Northern California. Located at the foot of the Sonoma hills, the campus is just an hour's drive north of San Francisco and 40 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. The relatively small campus of 7,979 students allows for close faculty-student interaction. Currently, campus housing accommodates 2,431 students in both apartment and residential suite style facilities.

Founded in 1960 as a teacher education center for the North Bay, Sonoma State University is now a liberal arts and sciences university dedicated to providing high-quality undergraduate education and selected professional graduate programs. Dedicated to the liberal arts and sciences and known for its active use of technology., the SSU educational experience fosters intellectual, cognitive, social and personal growth. The faculty and staff of Sonoma State provide close mentoring relationships and an education that fosters ethical exploration, civic engagement, social responsibility, and global awareness combined with a solid foundation in an academic discipline.

Sonoma State University also serves as an educational and cultural resource for its region by offering courses, lectures, workshops and programs that are open to the public and by entering into partnerships with local businesses, industries, and cultural and educational institutions to enhance the quality of life in the North Bay and beyond.

As California's premier public undergraduate institution, SSU has a commitment to graduating students who have the ability to think critically and ethically and can effectively use information technology.

The School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University
The School of Business and Economics educates aspiring and practicing professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs in the private and public sectors. It does this in a small liberal arts and sciences environment where faculty emphasize the development and continuous improvement of the skills of critical analysis, problem solving, creativity, and effective communication.

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