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Siena College

February 02, 2015

Siena, a Catholic and Franciscan college, founded in 1937 by seven Franciscan friars, is an independent undergraduate liberal arts college located in Loudonville, New York, a suburban community just outside the state’s capital.

The college is composed of three schools of learning: School of Liberal Arts, School of Science and School of Business offering a variety of undergraduate programs.

Department of Economics
The Department of Economics at the School of Business provides students with an opportunity to study the major economic relationships present in every society. Students will study alternative ways of meeting needs within institutional and resource constraints.

Quantitative Business Analysis Department
The Quantitative Business Analysis Department at the School of Business provides students with the analytical tools necessary for making better management decisions. In order to appraise and evaluate quantitative information, every student is introduced to several mathematical techniques that can be applied to business situations. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment of analytical processes for decision making. These introductory courses in applied mathematics cover the techniques of problem formulation and solution.

Department of Finance
The Department of Finance at the School of Business is dedicated to teaching students the nature and practice of financial decision making. The curriculum and methods of instruction are designed to develop the student's ability to identify financial problems, analyze their impact, and design solutions which will withstand critical examination. To accomplish this, the student is provided with the educational framework necessary to become well-rounded, ethical, and innovative thinkers. This prepares students for fulfilling and successful careers in finance and provides the necessary academic foundations for graduate studies.

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