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Edinboro University

February 02, 2015

Edinboro University Business Forecasting

“In looking for forecasting software to use in our business forecasting course, we wanted a package that would be thorough in its coverage of forecast methods and would require little training time for students. After reviewing several packages, ForecastX met that challenge. ForecastX is easy for students to use and learn since it operates as a functions wizard in Excel -- a package that the students are already comfortable using. Through its integration with Excel, students are able to perform their forecasts and manipulate the results easily within the spreadsheet. The calculation of additional statistics, customized graphing, and data transformations are easily performed. Edinboro has also been very pleased to find that students greatly improve their capability and comfort with the use of Excel by using ForecastX.

“The package is simple to install, requires very little hard disk space, and calculates forecasts very quickly. The package can perform a wide array of forecast methods and is more than sufficient for a course in business forecasting. Numerous options are also available allowing us to directly calculate summary statistics and graphs which assist in the analysis of forecast accuracy. We have also found the technical support to be immediate and friendly. It has been a pleasure doing business with John Galt Solutions, Inc.”

- Edinboro University