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John Galt's Inventory Management Solution Adds Powerful New Dimension To Atlas Planning Suite

New module will allow users of Demand Management Engine to leverage their investment for higher returns resulting from optimized inventory management and replenishment.

John Galt Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of innovative software solutions for collaborative forecasting and demand planning, has unveiled a comprehensive Inventory Management Module designed to integrate seamlessly into the company’s enterprise-scale Atlas Planning Suite™.

According to Kai Trepte, John Galt Solutions’ Vice President of Sales and Services, “Inventory is one of the largest capital investments a business makes. In developing our Inventory Management solution, our goal was to provide Atlas Planning Suite users with a flexible, intelligent tool to help them better manage inventories and accurately balance replenishment requirements for cost savings and optimal business performance.”

The Inventory Management Module allows users to slice and dice information from multiple data sources, using sophisticated analytic reports to provide a comprehensive inventory management solution. The functionality of the Atlas Planning Suite’s Inventory Management Module enables:

  • Automatic calculation of inventory replenishment and manufacturing orders based on lead time, customer service level and inventory optimization parameters. Plan inventory replenishment on a monthly, weekly or daily basis using synchronized buckets.
  • Automatic or user-defined purchase or manufacturing order release, based on revenue, cost and margin.
  • Management of multi-level distribution and inventory replenishment plans by creating dynamic hierarchies.
  • Optimization of safety stocks, service levels, reorder points, periods of coverage and lead times to ensure peak inventory management performance.


About the Atlas Planning Suite

John Galt’s Atlas Planning Suite is comprised of a suite of business process applications designed to centralize and standardize key data from all of a company’s data systems to make real-time business information available in an intelligent reporting format. Better information enables managers in any department to better understand issues, forecast performance and plan actions for operational and business improvement. Currently, the Atlas Planning Suite offers seven business process modules: Demand Management Engine, Inventory Management, Promotional Performance Management, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, Sarbanes-Oxley Reporting, Sales & Operations Planning, and the Planning Portal.


About John Galt Solutions

John Galt Solutions, Inc., a privately held company, provides leading-edge demand planning, collaborative and forecasting solutions. It strives to improve mid-size businesses’ demand planning and collaborative processes through accurate, innovative solutions and customer partnerships. John Galt Solutions, Inc. provides a broad family of ForecastX products and services that meet the needs of any company at every level of growth, including companies such as Fidelity Investments, Hasbro Games, Syngenta Crop Protection and Huhtamaki. For more information visit www.johngalt.com.


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