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John Galt Solutions Releases New Version of ForecastX Wizard Sales Forecasting Software

Today, John Galt Solutions released ForecastX Wizard V8, the next generation of their industry-leading ForecastX Wizard sales forecasting software.

Chicago, IL., September 4, 2014- Like previous versions of the ForecastX Wizard, V8 offers users unparalleled statistical power and accuracy to drive their sales forecasting, while retaining the accessibility and flexibility of Excel. With V8, users will benefit from dozens of new features, including:

  • Waterfall reporting to measure final forecast accuracy against actual history
  • Enhanced inventory planning, enabling more sophisticated inventory optimization and safety stock setting
  • Conversion factors to integrate demand plans and sales forecasts with budgets & financial plans
  • Easier integration with ERP systems and other business intelligence platforms
  • Assorted user interface and reporting improvements
    Through the end of September, the ForecastX Wizard V8 will be sold at a special price of $1,795 for a single license and $3,395 for a 2-license pack.

The ForecastX Wizard V8 is part of the Forecast Xpert Toolkit, a complete package for any company to start the sales forecasting process. The ForecastX Wizard serves as the foundation, offering the platform for companies to experiment and build their sales forecasting process. The Forecast Xpert Toolkit also includes Forecast Xpert Training, a 2-day course in sales forecasting best practices and the usage of the ForecastX Wizard V8, including hands-on experience with attendees' own data. Rounding out the Forecast Xpert Toolkit is John Galt's unique Forecastability Analysis service, which guides the sales forecasting process by helping to focus effort where it will deliver the greatest profit.

"For over 15 years, more than 5,000 users have benefited from the statistical power and ease of use offered by the ForecastX Wizard," says Anne Omrod, president & CEO of John Galt Solutions. "ForecastX Wizard V8 keeps John Galt in a class of its own, offering all the functionality of sales forecasting packages many times the price."

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About John Galt Solutions

Since its founding in 1996, John Galt Solutions has built a proven track record of providing affordable, automated forecasting and inventory management services for consumer-driven supply chains. We have an unmatched ability to configure tailored solutions for customers, regardless of size or business challenge, that save both time and money by compressing implementation periods and delivering intelligent information that positively impact your bottom line.

About ForecastX

ForecastX makes detailed and accurate business forecasting easy. This affordable software from John Galt Solutions combines a powerful statistical forecasting engine with Microsoft Excel to give any business an effective blend of forecast accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility. ForecastX has become the cornerstone of thousands of successful demand planning processes all over the globe in a wide range of industries

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