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John Galt Solutions Introduces Consumer Centric Planning For Retail-Level Demand Sensing

Solutions Provides Improved Forecast Accuracy; Reduced Out-of-Stocks and Stronger Retailer Relationships

Chicago, IL., October 7, 2008- Consumer goods manufacturers and retail suppliers can now produce more accurate inventory replenishment plans from POS data with today’s introduction of the Consumer Centric Planning demand sensing application from the supply chain leaders at John Galt Solutions (www.johngalt.com).

Consumer Centric Planning combines retail-level metrics with daily Point-of-Sale (POS) data to produce the most accurate forecast possible. With the ability to quickly respond to shelf-level issues, suppliers and retailers can streamline inventory management, avoid stock-outs, and boost sales.

“Imagine the ability to see promotional demand as it evolves, or catch changes in retail inventory policy as they occur,” says Kai Trepte, VP of Sales & Services at John Galt Solutions. “With a real time view of each retailer’s strategy, suppliers are armed to overcome the challenges of data latency, especially in a world of constantly changing product mix, shorter product life-cycles and ever-present promotions.”

Consumer Centric Planning allows suppliers to understand even their largest big box customers and partner with them as never before. Mr. Trepte points to a mid-market hardware manufacturer with an international customer base that has used Consumer Centric Planning to increase its forecast accuracy to more than 90 percent and enjoyed substantial improvement on vendor scorecards from major retailers.

Consumer Centric Planning enables enterprises of all sizes to quickly and easily realize significant improvements in forecast accuracy and process efficiency.  Consumer Centric Planning can be used by itself or in combination with John Galt’s Atlas Planning Suite. When used in combination with Atlas, Consumer Centric Planning serves as the core of a full supply chain planning process that provides deep inventory management, production scheduling.

For more information on Consumer Centric Planning visit www.johngalt.com or call (312) 701-9026.

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