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John Galt Reveals New Brand Identity with Redesigned Logo and Website

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Chicago, Il – April 1, 2019 – John Galt, the leading provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. These changes come at a time when the company is evolving its service offerings to meet the changing needs of a customer base increasingly dominated by pet loving millennials.


Company mascot to be featured in new branding strategy

The newly-redesigned logo and website features the longtime company mascot ‘Terry the Terrier’. The new design is developed in an attempt to re-position John Galt and their product offerings to align with needs of the fastest growing consumer segment – pet lovers. Global marketing leader Daniel Klitgaard says: “We have long been known as the industry leader in end-to-end supply chain solutions, what a lot of people don’t know is that we are not just cutting-edge technology. John Galt is also a warm, inclusive and caring organization, a culture that is finally conceptualized in the new logo featuring the company pet ‘Terry the Terrier’.”


Marketing by association

The new branding strategy is perfectly in line with the latest marketing research that recommend including common everyday objects in your branding. If successful, customers will come to associate the object with your company and unconsciously be reminded of your company throughout the day – a strategy that has been known to increase revenues with up to 37%. Going forward John Galt customers will be reminded of their supply chain partner every time they take a trip to the dog park - but it doesn’t stop here. “We intend to expand this rebranding idea to include more everyday items. We might replace the 'J' in John Galt with a fishing hook – or the 'G' with a bike helmet. This is really just the beginning.”


New pet friendly features

To support the adaptation of the new brand among the customer base, John Galt is also announcing the plan to release a new version of Atlas called "Atlas Woof". The most important new feature was introduced to meet a customer need few saw coming. John Galt realizes that a lot of their customer work alongside their four legged friends, and numerous of these customers have reported a surprising trend - their dogs would become agitated and unsettled during extended periods of work in the Atlas interface.

After extensive research into this problem, John Galt has found that the color scheme used in Atlas might be triggering this reaction among dogs. Contrary to popular myth, dogs do see color, but they are dichromatic (i.e. red-green-yellow colorblind, like a fair portion of the human population). As a result, Atlas Woof will no longer use the colors red, yellow, and green in the user interface. This follows accessibility recommendations for humans as well.

For more information and registration visit www.JohnGalt.com.


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