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Forecast Xperts Go Global

ForecastX Wizard will be available in Localized Editions for French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

John Galt Solutions Inc., announced today at the International APICS conference the availability of the ForecastX Wizard in localized versions for Japanese, German, French, and Spanish during first quarter 2005. The ForecastX Wizard is a tool for forecasting in Excel that is used globally by small to mid-sized Consumer Packaged Good, Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing companies to forecast sales, revenues, and customer demand. The release of Version 6.0 early in 2004 introduced the capability to perform distribution requirements planning as well as demand forecasting, while retaining its proven forecasting accuracy and ease of use. Licensed in over thirty different countries around the world the ForecastX Wizard is designed to leverage the power of Excel, many enhancements added to Version 6.0 include:

•  More powerful reports with drag and drop analysis
•  Replenishment and Distribution Requirements Planning analysis to manage inventory
•  Powerful intermittent demand forecasting models that set accurate stocking levels
•  Slice and dice analysis using Pivot tables
•  Collaborative planning reports that highlight and track changes
•  Foundation level platform for developing sophisticated demand plans

“We were able to introduce our localized version of the ForecastX Wizard to our international clients during our recent user conference and they loved its improved ease of use, along with the ability to forecast intermittent demand, and distribution resource planning capability. We will continue to improve and innovate the forecasting and demand planning capability of the Wizard based upon enhancements desired by our clients.” Kai Trepte, Vice President of Sales and Service.


About John Galt Solutions

John Galt Solutions, Inc., a privately held company, provides leading-edge demand planning, collaborative and forecasting solutions. It strives to improve mid-size businesses’ demand planning and collaborative processes through accurate, innovative solutions and customer partnerships. John Galt Solutions, Inc. provides a broad family of ForecastX ä products and services that meet the needs of any company at every level of growth, including companies such as Fidelity Investments, Hasbro Games, Syngenta Crop Protection and Huhtamaki. For more information visit www.johngalt.com.


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