ForecastX Training - June 2017

Past Event 

When: June 15 - 16, 2017

Where:  Chicago, IL

Price:  $2000

John Galt’s Xpert Training classes are built around the customers’ needs. We are committed to your success and we want to make sure that your investment yields the maximum value to your business. Our comprehensive Xpert Training provides a combination of technology and proven methodologies to help make forecasting an integral and strategic part of your organization.

To get the most of your forecasts, you need to understand them thoroughly. You need to know what factors drive your demand, how to use statistical methods as effectively as possible, and how to build a process that goes beyond statistics.

The Forecast Xperts give you all this knowledge and the experience to use it in Forecast Xpert Training. This two-day course covers the entire spectrum of forecasting knowledge and gives your company the tools you need to establish your process. You will also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the Forecast Xperts to tackle forecasting challenges that are unique to your business.

In ForecastX training, you will learn

  • Statistical forecasting concepts and best practices
  • How to use statistical methods
  • ForecastX Wizard features and usage
  • Beginning inventory planning
  • Specialized and advanced statistical techniques
  • Practical forecasting techniques for your data

“John Galt has built its Xpert training sessions to be more than just explanations of basic sales forecasting methods. These trainings truly focus on building a process that meets each company’s specific needs.”

— Wells Dairy

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