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Sales Forecasting Coursework Videos- Barry Keating, PhD

The following coursework videos are provided by John Galt Solutions and Barry Keating, PhD professor and the co- author of the Business Forecasting (6th edition) textbook, which is used in over 60 Universities around the world.  


This Series of ForecastX Tutorials includes:

1. John Galt Solutions:  Simple Exponential Smoothing using ForecastX Wizard

2. John Galt Solutions:  Winters Exponential Smoothing Method using ForecastX Wizard

3. John Galt Solutions:  Event Model Method Using ForecastX Wizard.

4. John Galt Solutions:  Box Jenkins (ARIMA) Method Using ForecastX Wizard

5. John Galt Solutions: Holt's Exponential Smoothing Method Using ForecastX Wizard

6. John Galt Solutions:  New Products Method Using ForecastX Wizard

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