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I'm A Forecast Expert: Ask Me Anything 

Event Date: March 30, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm EDT (Past Event)
Speaker: Paul Mackie, Sr. Supply Chain Consultant

Over they years we've answered a lot of questions. This time is different. Join John Galt Solutions for a candid and interactive 60 minute Q&A at 1:00pm eastern time on Thursday, March 30th. We'll field your questions on any subject, from software tips and pets in the office to what we do in our spare time.

We set aside 60 minutes, but that will go fast. So send us your questions early and we'll answer them live during the webinar on 3/30. If you're a JGS software user and you have a burning question, now is your time to shine. Bring us any question. Really!

Plus Advanced Tips and Tricks:

During the webinar we will also bring you advanced tips and tricks that have been useful to many of our ForecastX customers:

  • Forecastability Analysis using the ForecastX Wizard
  • Advanced reports using the ForecastX Wizard’s templates
  • ABC analysis using Excel
  • Advanced event modeling techniques for complex promotional and event scenarios
  • New product forecasting with item supercession & profile forecasting
  • Evaluating your planning process and determining your next steps

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