Sun-Maid Selects John Galt Solutions for Demand Planning

May 04, 2015

Sun-Maid Selects John Galt Solutions for Demand Planning

CHICAGO, IL, May 4, 2015 - John Galt Solutions announced today that Sun-Maid, a leading provider of premium quality raisins and dried fruits, selected John Galt’s Atlas Planning Suite for its global demand planning system.

Sun-Maid needed to improve their forecasting platform in order to stabilize their production numbers and deliver more effective visibility to the rest of the business. The Atlas Planning Suite from John Galt offered a range of features and techniques to integrate new products into the business, while keeping promotions and other major destabilizing events from affecting Sun-Maid’s plans. With the powerful statistical techniques offered by Atlas, Sun-Maid will be able to produce optimal statistical forecasts for its diverse product line, and plan effectively for its highly seasonal business.

“With Atlas, we have been able to make our supply chain work optimally. It really is the best tool I’ve seen for demand planning," says John Slinkard, VP of Supply Chain at Sun Maid.

“Sun-Maid is a great example of how our Atlas Planning Suite can improve supply chain performance for companies in the food and beverage industry,” said Anne Omrod, President & CEO of John Galt Solutions. “The extreme seasonality, numerous new product introductions and heavily promotion-driven nature of the business is easily managed with Atlas Planning Suite.”

Read the Sun-Maid Success Story here.

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