John Galt Solutions Announces Forecastability Analysis Service & Software

February 10, 2015

John Galt Solutions Announces Forecastability Analysis Service & Software

CHICAGO, IL - February 10, 2015 - Today John Galt Solutions announced the general availability of their Forecastability Analysis service. Forecastability Analysis evaluates a company’s demand planning challenges, analyzes key demand drivers, and offers targeted recommendations for forecasting approaches and supply chain policies.

“The demand planning challenges our customers face were the impetus for this new solution,” explained Annemarie Omrod, President and CEO of John Galt Solutions. “Now we have a software product and service designed to systematically improve forecast accuracy and target the right inventory levels by correctly analyzing the data.”

Forecastability Analysis segments a company’s products in multiple ways to drive supply chain policies for inventory management and manufacturing that result in dramatic bottom line improvement. Companies of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from this process.

By evaluating demand history and selecting the best fit forecasting methods for each product set, Forecastability Analysis can apply the right policies to improve service levels and lower costs. The analysis also provides valuable insights on which items require the most focus in the planning process.

John Galt Solutions offers Forecastability Analysis as a consulting engagement or in the Scenario Analysis module of the Atlas Planning Suite®. The consulting service lasts 5 days, during which a company’s data is evaluated by John Galt supply chain experts. The customer is then presented with a detailed report with actionable steps for significant bottom line improvements.

To perform Forecastability Analysis more than once, customers may acquire the Scenario Analysis module of Atlas Planning Suite®. This package allows customers to run a Forecastability Analysis at regular intervals to ensure progress and improve awareness during product mix changes. The Atlas Planning Suite also includes Demand Management Engine, Sales and Operations Planning Portal, Inventory Management and Rough Cut Capacity Planning.

Readers can get a quick overview of Forecastability Analysis by reviewing this infographic on Forecastability Analysis, or by attending this upcoming webinar on Forecastability Analysis, where John Galt Solutions will explain the process in further detail.

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