John Galt Solutions Adds 12 Clients for its Atlas Planning Suite Demand Management Engine

April 20, 2004

John Galt Solutions Scores 12 First Quarter Client Wins for its Atlas Planning Suite Demand Management Engine Module

New contracts continue John Galt's impressive track record of year-to-year profitability, signal growing demand for its enterprise-scale Demand Management Engine

(CHICAGO – April 20, 2004) John Galt Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of innovative software solutions for collaborative forecasting and demand planning, announced today that during the first quarter of 2004, the company signed twelve new client contracts for its Atlas Planning Suite™ Demand Management Engine Module. Typical of John Galt's diverse user base, the new clients represent a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, general manufacturing, fashion/apparel, food and beverage, and fresh goods.

The Demand Management Engine is powered by John Galt's award-winning ForecastX™ technology and is a core component of the company's enterprise-scale Atlas Planning Suite. Using the Engine, companies can improve supply chain visibility and become better able to manage gaps between actual and planned customer demand. Since its launch early this year, interest in the Atlas Planning Suite has increased rapidly, signaling a need in the marketplace for an affordable, yet deeply functional collaborative forecasting and planning solution.

"Product innovation is one of our key differentiators and has ensured our profitability since Day One," said Anne Omrod, CEO of John Galt Solutions. "With our Walk, Drive, Fly™ methodology, clients can progress at their own pace, depending on their business needs. Our Atlas Planning Suite is ideal for those organizations ready to take their demand planning to the next level, such as incorporating partner data and collaborating in real time across the enterprise."

John Galt Solutions, Inc., a privately held company, provides leading-edge solutions and software in the forecasting, demand planning and collaborative market space. They strive to improve mid-size businesses' forecasting and demand planning processes through accurate, innovative solutions and customer partnerships. John Galt Solutions, Inc. provides a broad family of ForecastX products and service that meet the forecasting, demand planning and collaborative needs of any company at every level of growth, including companies such as Fidelity Investments, Levis Canada, The Hoover Company and The Chinet Company. Founded in 1996, John Galt Solutions, Inc. has experienced 100% growth every year of existence.


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