John Galt Captures Top Spot in Business Forecasting Market

December 01, 2003

John Galt Captures Top Spot in Business Forecasting Market

In 2003, John Galt was ranked number one in the forecasting software packages arena, claiming a significant share of the market in only 4 years. A recent article in The Journal of Business Forecasting named John Galt’s forecasting software as the most-used package in several categories including Automotive, Industrial Products, Retail, Services, and Telecommunications.

John Galt Solutions, Inc., a privately held company, provides leading-edge solutions for the collaborative demand planning and forecasting market space. As the Forecast Xperts™, John Galt Solutions helps its customers implement intelligent planning solutions that combine cutting-edge tools with business driven forecasting and demand planning processes. We strive to improve your forecasting and demand planning processes through accurate, innovative solutions and customer partnerships. John Galt partners with its customers to deliver high quality supply and demand chain solutions and provide companies with a clear understanding of what their futures hold, preparing them to meet demand, plan effectively and collaborate with suppliers and customers over the Internet.

John Galt Solutions offers several different products. The ForecastX product family enables companies to streamline demand planning methodologies and web-collaboration processes throughout the enterprise. The ForecastX product line is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems to leverage current technologies, including supply chain software, expand capabilities and add functionality to current business processes.

  • The ForecastX Wizard defines your forecasting process, reduces your inventory costs, identifies your profitable promotional campaigns and helps you collaborate with your customers.
  • The ForecastX Atlas Planning Suite is made up of seven key applications that extend John Galt's capabilities to an enterprise scale including:
    • Demand Management Engine - to manage gaps between actual and plan
    • Inventory Management - to manage distribution and replenishment planning
    • Promotional Performance Management - to assess and monitor the effectiveness of promotions
    • Rough Cut Capacity Planning - to identify gaps between demand and available capacity
    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Reporting- to track and manage the financial implications of the plan
    • Sales & Operations Planning- to provide an integrated view of the enterprise
    • The Planning Portal - to provide a consistent access point via the web

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